Tropical Drip is a vibrant and energetic reggae rock band.

Hailing from Dana Point California. Combining elements of reggae, rock, and pop, this group brings a unique sound that is both fresh and familiar.

Formed in 2019, Tropical Drip has quickly made a name for themselves with their infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and dynamic live performances. The band consists of four members, each bringing their own distinct style and talent to the group.

Lead vocalist and guitarist, Max, leads the charge with his smooth vocals and effortless guitar riffs. He is joined by bassist and backup vocalist, Steve, who provides a driving rhythm and adds his own soulful voice to the mix. Meanwhile, drummer, John, brings the beats and grooves that keep audiences moving all night long while Daniel shreds the lead guitar licks.

With their unique blend of styles and infectious energy, Tropical Drip is quickly becoming a must-see act on the live music scene. Their music is perfect for beach parties, summer festivals, and any event where good vibes and great music are a must. So, come join the party and let Tropical Drip transport you to a tropical paradise with their sun-kissed sound.